We offer a wide range of oil & gas industry chemicals approved by international petroleum and oilfield service companies. The range of reagents we offer includes drilling additives, fracturing chemicals, oil production chemicals, fuel & lubricants additives. We also provide several additive lines that can be used to solve production related problems including asphaltene deposition, paraffin wax deposition, scale formation and corrosion.


We have wide experience implementing and monitoring treatment programs, having as main objective to maximize the efficiency of the plant operation, by implementing cutting-edge technologies and using advanced systems of automation and monitoring in the different treatment programs we offer, which allows greater operational reliability of the different plant units.

We offer a broad portfolio of surfactants and specialty chemicals that enable oil field service companies to competitively and safely extract oil and gas without increasing water consumption.

We deliver an array of innovating products and technologies used in drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production operations:

  • Guar gum and derivatives
  • Specialty surfactant and surfactant formulation
  • Phosphorus specialties and derivatives
  • Specialty amines
  • Specialty polymers
  • Peroxides
  • Soda ash and derivatives

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