The ability to both Manage and Automate business services delivered using internal and third-party providers is set to become the core competency and a central function within Digital Infrastructure.

Dependencies on computing, storage and networking services must be abstracted away and replaced by composed environments that can be assembled, reconfigured and broken apart to offer a simplified environment embedded within that enables a far more agile business environment.

Digital Transformation

With the constant reduction of IT hardware costs, the installation of intercontinental broadband and satellite system networks and leaping advances in computing power mean it is now practical to envisage a world in which assets are interconnected, providing real time awareness of the condition and performance of the built environment.

The main E&P asset, the well, goes through its life cycle and changes characteristics (location, ID, name, physical characterization, depth, crew, ownership, etc.), which are all master data aspects to consider for this baseline entity. If we master this data and create a consistent representation across the organization, it can then be linked to transaction and interaction data so that O&G’s can drive their investment decisions, split cost and revenue through reporting and real-time processes around.

  • Crew allocation
  • Royalty payments
  • Safety and environmental inspections
  • Maintenance and overall production planning

A well implemented Data Management initiative brings a strong foundation for this data driven industry providing clean, consistent and connected information about the core master data so that operators can cut the material cost, IT maintenance and increase margins.

The extensive experience of our engineers and technicians in the oil and gas industry on-shore and off-shore, assures the delivery of secure and reliable solutions for our client projects in any location region-wide and globally on the following areas:

  • Radio Networks (LOS Microwave)
  • VSAT Networks (SCPC, TDMA, iDirect, etc.)
  • Public Telecoms Systems (Mobile Base Stations, Backbones)
  • IP Network Consulting (Design, implementation, maintenance & support)
  • Remote Connectivity (secure data access / transmission)

Our permanent staff of engineers and technicians with current valid international certifications in the areas of interest ensures we provide the best workforce to our clients – promptly and efficiently.

We respond to the maintenance requirements of our clients on the following areas:

  • Wired & Fiber Optics Cabling (CAT5e, CAT6, Fiber Optics)
  • Corporate Physical Access & Video Surveillance Systems
  • IT Support, maintenance and outsourcing
  • AC Power (Mid and Low Voltage)
  • UPS and Power Generators

We have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians are responsible for handling, allocating and managing maintenance issues that can crop up at any site at any time for any of our clients.

We provide both planned and reactive maintenance services for multi-site or large organizations on a region-wide basis. Our planned maintenance services cover testing appliance in use test (PAT Tests), Installation Condition Reports and safety overviews to ensure your installation is inherently safe for your staff and end users.