Challenges facing the oil and gas industry are increasing, not only new reserves are harder to reach but projects are becoming increasingly complex. There is where ENCOM become a handy resource for the Oil & Gas market when it comes to consulting.

The oil and gas industry is confronting several challenges that demand executives to constantly reevaluate both targets and expectations to prevail competitive, this ends in complex strategy changes.

There is where ENCOM consultants can take entirely the question at hand, while executives are normally busy with the actual running of the company. Our consultants also offer deep expertise in a particular industry or subject, such as market positioning or restructuring.

The recent technological improvements have resulted in daily generation of massive datasets in oil and gas industry. These huge volumes of data need to be kept not just for analytic purposes, but also in compliance with laws and service level agreements to protect and preserve data.

Storage and management are major concern in this era of big data. The ability for storage devices to scale to meet the rate of data growth, enhance access time and data transfer rate is equally challenging.

Our consultants have broad experience and exposition with the challenges of big data storage and management. In addition, most of them have experience on the design, planning and implementation phases of big data storage and management platforms and are capable to provide useful suggestions in mitigating these challenges.

ENCOM has qualified environmental professionals and licensed engineers with expertise in environment and sustainability that can help organizations improve performance management with sustainable and measurable results.

We help our clients to develop a plan to mitigate the environmental risk produced by your operations and how to handle and develop processes and procedures in order to be compliant with the legal framework, environmental regulations and requirements of the project in perspective and concert all together with the end-goals of our client.