Oil & Gas Services

Oil & Gas Services

ENCOM supports and provides services to all sectors of the oil and gas industry. Whether your focus is on exploration, extraction, transportation, storage, or production, we are able to provide support.

The ENCOM portfolio of oil and gas services can help your company save money, operate more efficiently and even plan and implement new business models. We’ve developed alliances with experienced third-party businesses and technology partners in order to create a longer-term sustainable advantage.

Integrity Management Repair & Refurbishment Waste Management Chemicals

ENCOM provides holistic management services by offering several service elements under one package, including project planning, application project scope check and approval, guidance on all relevant application specifications, development of a thorough maintenance plan and maintenance procedures.

ENCOM supports and helps to understand how Mechanical Integrity relates to an effective Asset Management system that addresses not only safety requirements, but also provides effective asset policy, strategy, objectives and plans to ensure best-in-class management of assets that mitigates risk over the entire life cycle of the assets.

ENCOM offers both the consultancy and the technical services you need to achieve your targets including inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you want to boost availability, efficiency, capacity, and the service life of your assets, or adapt it to new process parameters or advances in process technology.

ENCOM gives you peace of mind providing evaluation of your equipment, and it can also help to determine future repairs required on a budgeted schedule. We offer custom solutions based on your specific needs.

ENCOM offers reliable services and solutions to the specific needs of the waste. The extensive experience of our engineers and technicians guarantees that the -often complex- problems of waste treatment and disposition are addressed.

ENCOM specialists have extensive knowledge managing residual oil, oily sludge and emulsions. We can help you managing any type of waste going from simple contaminated rainwater to hydrocarbon sediment or complex emulsions.

ENCOM partnerships and procurement network includes market leading principal suppliers, that enable us to supply high quality raw materials and chemicals. We bring value, whether through development of tailored solutions for demanding applications or by delivering quality product efficiently and consistently.

Our main objective is to give our partners an integrated approach that goes beyond the mere logistics of the delivery of chemical products, but the possibility of connecting customers and suppliers to achieve benefits for the entire supply chain.


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