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Maintenance & Reliability

Good maintenance and reliability management systems are more important today than ever in every Industry. With the pandemics, turbulent price fluctuations, increasing safety concerns, and environmental and integrity management pressures, maintenance is now a key player in helping organizations manage and satisfy their strategic directives.

Mechanical Integrity Reliability

Organizations have worked diligently to address the Process Safety Management (PSM) Rule requirements since its inception, specifically focused on those programs related to safety and management of risk associated with handling hazardous materials covered by the standards. However, many continue to struggle with the Mechanical Integrity, element, ENCOM supports and helps to understand how Mechanical Integdrity relates to an effective Asset Management system that addresses not only safety requirements, but also provides effective asset policy, strategy, objectives and plans to ensure best-in-class management of assets that mitigates risk over the entire life cycle of the assets.

The advent of reliability engineering tools has changed the paradigm of maintenance technology. A simple strategy of efficient replacement of failed equipment/component has been transformed into a more complex but proactive approach for keeping equipment running at peak efficiency concept of "total process" reliability engineering and maintenance.


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